Clients (often other lawyers) retain Bonuchi Law as lead appellate counsel in cases in state and federal courts across the country. In other cases, we co-counsel on appeal and, in high-stakes litigation, even serve as embedded appellate counsel at trial. We also provide al a carte research, writing, and consulting services on critical issues at all stages of litigation. Regardless of the arrangement, we work hand-in-hand with trial counsel to help the client prevail both at trial and on appeal.

While we will handle appeals on an hourly or fixed rate, Bonuchi Law is unique in that we offer appellate counsel on a contingency-fee basis in appropriate cases, including those involving mass torts, class actions, consumer protection, personal injuries, and employment law.


Litigation can be costly in all sorts of ways, so we get to the point. Our mission is to get our clients to a good result as efficiently as possible. We are prepared and we see the bigger picture, which is why we don't get bogged down in petty procedural or discovery disputes, or in wasteful motion practice. And because we have a reputation for excellence and professionalism, our clients benefit from a reservoir of credibility with other lawyers, judges, arbitrators, and mediators.


We are committed to fairness and equal opportunity - two ideas central to our legal system. Working with clients, usually on a contingency-fee basis, we take on cases designed to level the playing field for anyone who finds themselves at the mercy of more powerful, better-funded adversaries. Some areas include antitrust law, consumer and environmental protection, constitutional and administrative law, mass torts, employee rights, and personal injury.


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Business Disputes

Litigation and dispute resolution for businesses.

Public Interest

Litigating for fairness and equality